Housing Stabilization Services

Housing Stabilization services are available from Northwest Solution Services.

Helping Clients Find and Keep Housing

Housing Stabilization Services is a Medical Assistance benefit to help people with disabilities and seniors find and keep housing. They can be referred through their waiver case manager, and if they do not have a waiver, they will need a professional statement of need and a housing focused person-centered plan. A targeted case manager, or care coordinator can complete the housing focused person-centered plan. If an individual does not have a targeted case manager or care coordinator a housing consultant can create the plan. Once the referral has been received Northwest Solution Services LLC will enroll the individual with DHS.  When the individual is approved for services a Housing Stabilization team member will set up an intake with the individual.

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How We Help

Housing Consultation Services

Helps People who do not have waiver or targeted case management or a MSHO/MSC+ care coordinator but need Housing Stabilization Services develop a person-centered plan that addresses their needs, wants, and goals for living in the community. This could include developing a housing-focused person-centered plan based on the person’s needs, wants, and goals for housing; helping a person make an informed choice in their housing transition or sustaining services provider; offering resources related to non-housing goals; and coordinating with other service providers already working with the person.

Housing Transition Services

Assists a person to plan for, find, and move into housing. This could include helping the person think about preferred housing; with the housing search and application processes; developing a budget; and understanding a lease.

Housing Sustaining Services

Supports a person to maintain living in their home in the community and keep their housing after they have moved in. This could include education on tenant-landlord rights and responsibilities; coaching to develop relationships with property managers and neighbors; training on how to be a good tenant; lease compliance; and problem-solving to maintain housing stability.

*Housing Stabilization Services do not pay for housing or goods.

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